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Recycling Bins

Due to people leaving their recycling and other items that are not recycable, the Company could not empty the bins in one day so they will have to come back to finish.  Please note the recylcing company spent 4 hours picking up trash that was left next to the bins and therefore they could not empty all of the bins at one time. 

Trinidad Presbyterian Church-If anyone knows how to get a hold of them please call Town Hall, 719-742-3631, the left bibles, hymnals, pictures, coloring books and much more next to the dumpsters.

Also left beside the dumpsters were DVS’s, VCR tapes and more, this is a recycing bin, not a trash dumpster, we now will have to clean them all up and throw them in our dumspters.  Please do not leave these items next to the dumspter.

Please be courtouesus and DO NOT LEAVE TRASH next to the bins, take it home with you. Abuse of this may result in the recyling center being closed down, please help us out by not having to do this. We appreciate your help and cooperation.