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Colorado Tree Coalition Grant Enables Planting of Trees and Pruning Tool Purchases for La Veta

Colorado Tree Coalition Grant Enables Planting of Trees and Pruning Tool Purchases for La Veta

On March 1, the La Veta Park & Tree Board received a $2,000 grant from the Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC) for the Board’s grant application – Tree Canopy Renewal Program.  The successful grant application awards a combined matching total of over $4,000 in funding for the purchase of equipment and new plantings for our town.

On May 27, the P&TB along with other volunteers completed planting 9 trees in La Veta funded by the CTC Grant.  The varieties planted were 2 Spring Snow Crabapples, 3 Red Oaks, 2 Autumn Brilliance Serviceberries, and 2 Cleveland Pears.  The trees were planted at the 300 block of E Ryus, Francisco Fort on W Francisco, 100 block of E Francisco, 200 block of E Field, 100 block of W Virginia, 100 block of E Virginia, 100 block of W Garland, and 600 block of S Main Street.

On May 27 the Arbor Day Tree, purchased through the CTC Grant, was planted.  During the planting, Keith Hauber, retired arborist and Chairman of the La Veta P&TB, conducted a tree selection and maintenance (watering, pruning, etc) training for the public – see photo.

Through the CTC Grant, the P&TB have been able to purchase pruning tools to maintain the tree canopy of La Veta’s trees. 

The goal of the Tree Canopy Renewal Program is to increase public safety; provide protective equipment and appropriate tools for volunteers; improve the health of the Town’s community forest through selective pruning; and to provide a training event to instruct community members about proper pruning and planting methods when maintaining their trees on private property; and finally, expanding and bringing diversity to the community forest.

The Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC) is a non-profit whose mission is to preserve, renew, and enhance community forests statewide. The CTC awarded $42,620 in grants to 17 organizations in 2021. These grant projects allowed recipients to plant and manage trees in community forests across Colorado. Grants are made possible through the Colorado State Forest Service, the Xcel Energy Foundation, Xcel Energy Vegetation Management Program, Colorado Public Radio, and our CTC members and supporters. Since 1991, the CTC has awarded grants to 219 communities and organizations totaling more than $1,086,000. These grants have been matched with more than $8 million in community money and in-kind services.


Keith Hauber, Chair La Veta Park & Tree Board Chair, [email protected]

David Flaig, Colorado Tree Coalition Treasurer, [email protected]

Linda Lacy, La Veta Park and Tree Board Member, [email protected]

David Flaig, Colorado Tree Coalition Treasurer, [email protected]