Letters for Interest for Town Board of Trustee Positions: The Town Board of Trustees for the Town of La Veta will be accepting letters for interest for one position to serve out a term to April of 2026 as a Trustee on the Town Board.  Qualifications to serve on the Town Board are as follows; must be 18 years of age, live in the Corporate Town Limits of La Veta for at least 12 months, registered voter in the Town of La Veta and a United States Citizen.  Please include in your letter the reasons you wish to serve on the Town Board.  Letters will be taken until 5:00 p.m. on July 26, 2024 you must submit your letters in writing and either mail to Town of La Veta, P.O. Box 174, La Veta, CO. 81055 or drop the letter at the Town Hall, 209 S. Main Street. If you need further information, you may contact the La Veta Town Hall and speak with Town Clerk, Heather Hillis , 719-742-3631.  

Town of La Veta Digital Accessibility Statement

Town of La Veta Accessibility Statement

HB21-1110 was signed on June 30th 2021, this act made it a civil rights violation for a government agency to exclude people with disabilities from receiving services or benefits because of a lack of accessibility. Further bills provided further clarification and standards. As it stands government agencies have until July 1st 2024 to comply. A one-year grace period is granted to government agencies that show good faith efforts to comply with the bill.

The Town of La Veta is committed to complying with HB21-1110 and ensuring the digital resources provided by the town are within accessibility standards and conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2.2 referred to as WCAG2.2. Unfortunately, the Town of La Veta will not be able to be within complete compliance with WCAG2.2 by July 1st 2024. The Town’s digital resources are intended to be within compliance by July 1st 2025 as described by the Town of La Veta’s Digital Accessibility Plan and granted by HB24-1454.

The Town of La Veta’s Digital Accessibility Plan (To view this plan see here) outlines all things that have been done so far to provide accessibility as well as future goals and timelines. During the course of the timeline some digital resources provided by the Town of La Veta will experiences changes in order to bring them into accessibility guidelines. Meanwhile other digital resources may be removed or archived if they can not be changed to meet the guidelines. Please be patient with us during this time.

If you have any grievances with the Town of La Veta’s current digital accessibility conformity or any grievances with the Town of La Veta’s Digital Accessibility Plan, please follow the information bellow to submit a grievance. Grievances needs to be in paper or digital form and must contain the following information:

  1. Date
  2. The full name of the person who is submitting the grievance or the name of the person the grievance is being submitted on behalf of.
  3. Address
  4. Phone
  5. Preferred method of contact
  6. Name of the digital resource causing the grievance
  7. Detailed description of the grievance

If paper or digital grievances are not possible for any reason accommodations can be made upon request. Even if an accommodation for submission is made the above information will still need to be recorded. All grievances submitted to the Town of La Veta will be treated as confidential and will not be publicly shared unless required by law.

To submit a grievance digitally please email it to [email protected]. To submit a grievance in paper form please mail it to:

Town of La Veta, Admin’s Office
209 S Main St PO Box 174
La Veta, CO, 81055

A member of the Town of La Veta workforce will contact the persons who submitted the grievance with 15 days of receiving it to discuss the problem in further detail and confirm the receival of the grievance. The Town of La Veta will then respond again within 30 days with a statement about the grievance.