The departments within the Town of La Veta are listed below with information on their main services. Use the Contact Us page for correspondence with the departments within the town.

Clerk's Office

Heather Hillis

Phone: (719) 742-3631

Voter Registration
General Information
Mayor's Office

Deputy Clerk

Ashley Martin

Phone: (719) 742-3631

Board Agendas
Contractors Licensing
Business Licenses
Water/Sewer Billing and Payments
Reservations of the Community Center/Park/Town Property

Marshal's Office - Marshal

Harold Willburn

Phone: (719) 742-3344

Dispatch: (719) 738-1044

Law Enforcement

Building Inspector

Phone: (719) 742-3631

Building codes and permits

Building Inspector days and hours are Monday & Tuesday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Inspections are by appointment only.

Marshal's Office - Code Enforcement

Mark Erwin

Phone: (719) 742-3631

Code Enforcement

Maintenance - Supervisor

Tom Knowles

Phone: (719) 742-3655

For water and sewer emergencies outside of business hours: Call (719) 738-5625

Street maintenance and repairs
Sewer hookup installation
Water tap installation

Water - Operator

Shannon Shrout

Phone: (719) 742-3149

Water Treatment Plant



Wastewater - Operator

Anthony Coca

Phone: (719) 742-3333

Wastewater Treatment Plant