TOWN OF LA VETA WATER RESTRICTIONS: Effective 8-19-2020, the following water restrictions will be in effect until further notice by the Town Board of Trustees. Even numbered houses can water Monday & Thursdays.  Odd numbered houses water Tuesday & Fridays.  This is determined by the last number of the street address.  HAND WATERING ONLY  from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Hand watering for flowers, trees and gardens only.  No sprinklers or automatic sprinklers allowed.  These restrictions will be strictly enforced.  Thank you for your cooperation during these drought times.


Weather in your area

Sun, 25 Oct 11°F 54°F Heavy snow (11–17 in.) starting in the afternoon.
Mon, 26 Oct 5°F 19°F Heavy snow (6–9 in.) in the morning and afternoon.
Tue, 27 Oct 15°F 39°F Clear throughout the day.
Wed, 28 Oct 22°F 48°F Clear throughout the day.
Thu, 29 Oct 29°F 54°F Clear throughout the day.
Fri, 30 Oct 31°F 57°F Clear throughout the day.
Sat, 31 Oct 33°F 59°F Clear throughout the day.
Sun, 1 Nov 31°F 57°F Clear throughout the day.